the simpLEADfy experience was designed so that:

- the learning happens in the flow of work,


- with resources available at the moment of need,


- using multiple learning experiences to ensure skill-building, transfer, and retention

The program was designed to answer the feeling of "overwhelm" leaders and managers feel regarding this topic. 

10 years ago people were looking for information when attending leadership training now when information is abundant people look for:


- a structured program to integrate all the various learning sources and to offer a whole model 


- a contained learning experience that allows for paced and unscattered learning 


- a clean and clear model to work with in reality


- a paced journey that is organized where there is ample time to practice, receive feedback and learn from and with others

How does it work?

The full program is 5 months in length focused on the three core transferable leadership skills:

- Awareness skill - 1 month 

- Trust skill - 2 months

- Influencing - 3 months

Each month will have a theme to allow people to focus on the learning and practice of a specific skill:

- There will be a mix between live, self-directed, 101, and peer learning;

- Each month will start with a group live session to introduce the topic and provide the know-how on that skill;

- Each Friday they will receive a 30 min video for self-learning with the practice in reality for that week and to replace the aimless reading of articles;

- Through the month there will be Triads - peer learning in groups of three where they will practice as a group the skills for that triad;

- Through the month there will be 101 sessions with the coach;

- At the end of each month there will be an assessment of the skills developed throughout the month; 

- Each module will have 1-2 sessions to demonstrate how the skills are transferred to management activities (hiring, interviewing, onboarding, goal setting, feedback, performance and development management, and so on);

- Each skill will have a demo on how it looks in reality (recorded or live);