for managers &leaders

for teams

for individual contributors

101 coaching sessions

- for specific leadership topics chosen by leaders based on their needs

- for leadership development as part of the development program

- for HR-related skills 

- for team collaboration, team analysis, team-building skills

75 Euro/ session
with retainer*

101 consulting sessions

- to identify learning needs for your team 

- to create Work Engagement in your team 

- to design, adapt, corrent and implement Performance Management practices

- for implementing Inclusion and Diversity practices

- for creating Skill Transfer and Retention and Behavior Change after learning programs (technical or non-technical)

- to create Individual Learning Plans 

75 Euro/ session

with retainer*

Train the trainer for technical people:

- Identifying learning needs 

- Creating learning programs for skill development

- Managing the learning journey (interns, juniors, new skills)

- Motivating people to learn (in motivation sessions and day to day interactions)

- Designing and Measuring competencies/skills and seniority profiles

- Measuring learning results

- Ensuring transfer and retention after learning

Team development programs:

- Collaboration workshop

- Creating a feedback culture in the team

- Team design workshop

- Inclusion and diversity 

600 Euro/ f2f learning day (6 hours)

400 Euro/ remote learning day (3 hours)

600 Euro/ f2f learning day (6 hours)

400 Euro/ remote learning day (3 hours)

Group Learning programs for leaders:

- SimpLEADfy your leader role program

- Team leadership (design and building teams)

- Coaching and Feedback skill development experience

750 Euro/ f2f learning day (6 hours)

500 Euro/ remote learning day (3 hours)

Team coaching/Team Labs:

Two hours group coaching sessions for collaboration or self-leadership 

300 Euro/ session

Group development programs:

- Self Leadership 

- How to motivate myself

- Learning skills/Self-directed learning

- Superman Syndrome/Time Management

- Don't take it personally (how to take feedback)

- Talking to your Inner Critic

- Saying NO and saying YES (personal boundaries and assertiveness)

- Don't torture your audience (presentation skills)

- Find your meaning in your work

600 Euro/ f2f learning day (6 hours)

400 Euro/ remote learning day (3 hours)

101 personal coaching sessions

What kind of needs can people address during these sessions:

- I can't manage my time, I feel overwhelmed by work

- I find myself really stressed about my performance

- I find I get really defensive when I receive feedback

- I feel burned-out, I am tired all the time 

- I can't find meaning in what I do

- My work is not fun for me anymore

- I cannot focus, I find myself distracted all the time 

- I am overwhelmed by emotions, I feel I cannot manage my anger, resentment, fear, sadness, disappointment

- I feel I cannot feel joy anymore 

- I have a conflict with a colleague

- I cannot stand my boss

- I feel really ashamed when I fail 

- I can't control my emotion when I have a presentation 

- I want to quit my job 

- I hate the project I work on


or any other topic someone might find relevant

| 90 minutes | :

Intro workshops on different themes for education or need validation, available for big or small groups (1:30 hours)

price on request

Leadership Labs / Group coaching

2-hour sessions for a small group of managers on requested topics:

400 Euro/session

different pricing for bigger groups

55 Euro/ session

with retainer*

Leadership Profile assessment 

- Team feedback on Leadership style, behaviors, and impact. Team feedback on development needs for you as a leader

- Introducing a 360 leadership feedback process for you 

price on request