Perpetual Motion Engine- the engine that runs on Autonomy, Authenticity and Pleasure

Instead of pushing and pulling, you create a force within the person, a feeling that is created and maintained by the person, regardless of your presence and regardless of the external motives. You create an engine inside that person. What is the engine that works perpetually? This does not have to be invented when it comes to humans. It is already in them, you just need to start the engine (or make sure that you do not shut it down)

What is the little engine and how is it engineered?

The engine works as long as it has AUTONOMY. If it MUST work to keep the body moving it wears out. "Motivation is triggered by making choices that demonstrate to ourselves that we are in control. The specific choice we make matters less than the assertion of control. It's the feeling of self determination that gets us going" - Charles Duhigg

The engine starts when I can say "I WANT to do this" and it stops when I say "I HAVE TO do this ... (to get...)". In order for "I want" to actually work there needs to be the freedom to say "I DON"T WANT". Will has no meaning in the absence of will-not.

I feel I have autonomy when:

- I am not abandoned. Autonomy is different than abandonment. Being by yourself does not feel like autonomy. Autonomy is when someone not just allows to make up my own will but also when that person sees and participates in me making my will.

- I feel I have the freedom to stop moving

- I feel I have freedom from pressure, there is no emotional blackmail transaction to do that movement

- I feel I have freedom from transacting my actions, there is no transaction for benefits in this movement

- There is the possibility of rest to replenish resources

- There is the possibility to change movement based on insight, context or even creativity

The fuel for this engine is the feeling we get when we are authentic or when we feel pleasure.

This feeling gets us started: the feeling that the movement I am about to do is an expression of who I am and the anticipation of pleasure from that movement.

This feeling keeps us moving: the feeling that what I do feels authentic and pleasurable

***look down in the article to see how people STOP MOVING. This is interesting because at one point we need to stop one movement so we start MOVING on something else.

If you put any other type of fuel in it it breaks.

Fuel 1: Authenticity/Meaning/Identity

What does it mean to be authentic, to feel authentic. How does that feeling get created?It means that the MOVEMENT is who I am and MOVING that way is an expression of who I am. It means that when I see myself doing that movement in that way I literally SEE MYSELF in that movement.

I feel authentic, I feel MOVING that way is an expression of who I am when:

- I feel that "I express myself through that movement", I can say that MOVING that way is part of my identity. When I talk about myself I can say i do "that movement"