How to influence movement?

The laws of motion for Humans state:

1. A person will keep doing what is doing unless something changes in the forces that act upon him/her.

2. The force needed to move someone depends on the mass of that person

3. The movement of a person is influenced by all the forces that act upon them

What is movement? The action a person makes, the task, the behavior.

How does movement happen?

People move because there are forces acting upon them that create acceleration.

Force, in the case of humans, is anything that creates an emotion/feeling.

How exactly does that happen?

Movement gets a person from one point to another, that movement creates in a person feelings when it gets them closer to something or further from something, or feeling something in the present moment.

And here is the catch:

Feelings are created by motives. When motives HAVE EFFECT on a person it creates a feeling, that feeling is what we call motivation.

If a motive to do something does not create a feeling/emotion in a person then that motive is irrelevant as it cannot create motivation.

Motivation is never about the presence of motives. No matter how many motives there might be to do something, those motives do not become motivators if they don't create a feeling.

If a motive is a motivator for a specific person can only be determined by the effect it creates in that person.

When motivating someone (or yourself) to move it is not about giving them motives, it is about giving them the kind of motives in the kind of way to create a feeling. Only feelings can make people move. Some feelings are more powerful than others.

So, how does it all work?

People move not just when they feel, but when the feeling created by movement is more powerful than the feeling created by not moving, or by not moving in the desired direction.

People will move in the direction that has the most powerful feeling.

Things get even more complicated because that decision to keep moving or not is open through-out the whole course of movement.

To put everything in one short phrase, when it comes to humans they will always move because movement creates a feeling in them and they will move in the direction and with the movement that creates the most powerful feeling in them. This assessment happens every moment, humans audit all possible movement all the time, not just in the beginning of the quarter, project or sprint.

Considering this ongoing audit, we need to remember that a person needs feelings strong enough to: