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People who attend will be assisted in being aware of themselves and the situation. They will become conscious of the mechanics that produce the distress or challenge. The solutions will be either self-developed of recommended by the coach.

The techniques used:

Compassionate Inquiry (dr. Gabor Mate)

Somatic and mindful approaches (somatic experience, psychosomatic therapy, gestalt therapy)

Internal Family System approach 

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques 

and 101 learning strategies if the need is linked to competency development

based on individual style and what is most relevant to topic 

personal coaching

Personal coaching is a service:

- companies choose to provide their employees as part of the benefits package or as well-being program 

- individuals access it for themselves

How it works:

Companies book a day (or more) each month, they promote the service internally and each employee can book a spot there. The company can decide to limit the number of sessions per employee. 

Individual persons can book coaching sessions bellow in the form, or contact through social networks:

This service is requested based on needs. 

What kind of needs people address during these sessions:

- I can't manage my time, I feel overwhelmed by work

- I find myself really stressed about my performance

- I find I get really defensive when I receive feedback

- I feel burned-out, I am tired all the time 

- I can't find meaning in what I do

- My work is not fun for me anymore

- I cannot focus, I find myself distracted all the time 

- I am overwhelmed by emotions, I feel I cannot manage my anger, resentment, fear, sadness, disappointment

- I feel I cannot feel joy anymore 

- I have a conflict with a colleague

- I cannot stand my boss

- I feel really ashamed when I fail 

- I can't control my emotion when I have a presentation 

- I want to quit my job 

- I hate the project I work on


or any other topic someone might find relevant

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