update HR

simpleadfying HR can take many forms depending on your needs and availability:

HR 2.0. - updating your HR skills to the latest research through 101s or group programs for the entire HR team 

This is a 101 or group coaching program for the HR Manager HR specialist or the entire HR department. This program was delivered for companies ever since 2005 under different designs. 


The HR manager decides which topics are relevant and a learning journey is designed. Usually one topic per month is addressed in the following format:

- 2 hour workshop with know-how update

- 2 hour workshop (after 1 week) where the current status in the organization is discussed and addressed regarding how that subject is present in the organization. During this workshop there is a critical discussion regarding what is present and what could be applied (considering know-how learned but also organizational constraints). During this workshop an action plan is discussed for the update of the internal process/function. 

- in the last week of the month there is a follow-up session to address whatever questions came up during the application of the action plan.  

HR for non-HR - bringing HR skills to operations through workshops, a full learning experience or consulting 

Learning journeys or workshop for managers or individual contributors to up their HR related skills. The topic is decided with the HR function based on what is needed in the organization. Here is are some examples of topics I addressed so far:

- Setting objectives for the performance management process (OKRs, KPIs)

- Assessing performance based on OKRs or KPIs

- Providing feedback as part of the performance management process

- Career planning

- Designing the seniority or competency framework for leadership roles or tech roles

- How to talk about the company or a specific job opening with your personal network

- What is the employer brand for your team/project/role

- Interviewing skills

- Assessing soft skills in an interview

- Designing internal learning programs for tech/hard skills

- Conducting exit/stay interviews

- Creating a performance improvement plan 

- Assessing work satisfaction or employee engagement in the team 

- Job design for new roles in the team 

- Setting up rewards and recognition initiatives

HR - MVP - designing and planning the implementation of new HR functions or processes 

HR departments have two focuses, to maintain and deliver current functions and to implement new ones from scratch. Every HR I worked with had a topic or a list of topics for processes or initiatives they dream of rolling-out

HR-MVP is the perfect support for such an endeavour because it works on two useful directions:

- creates the momentum for the HR team in order for them to be able to focus their energy and not postpone, get engaged in rolling-out, increase the subjective feeling of efficacy and have a confirmation of their plan. 

- offers a context for a simplified version of know-how, validates ideas and methods, brings a critical eye from experience with similar projects.

This program is about a predetermined plan for support, an on-site presence from the consultant for support through workshops and coaching (delivered in a non-formalized way).

HR update - updating the existing processes or functions 

The HR function is like a living organism, it grows and develops in time. This means that HR is constantly evolving in terms of the scope and the quality of support for the organization. Just like an organism, the  HR function was developed in time, some developments happened in the beginning some are more recent. The further back in time some HR processes have been developed the more probable it is they need an update. The tendency is to scrap them and start over, however, in a lot of cases just an up-grade could yield more results. How does this work?

The HR department chooses an existing process they want to update. Through consultancy or hands-on support the process is assessed in terms of utility, relevance, efficiency, efficacy, and profitability. Based on that assessment new ideas are generated regarding the update of the process by the entire team with the facilitation of the consultant, after that the ideas are translated into real changes. 

What this brings different than usual consultancy is that the process just begins after the idea generation, it won't be just a document or a report. The consultant will stay there until the process is updated, the skills or documents are developed, and the change is rolled-out. 

HR Recycle Bin - assessing current HR processes or functions regarding relevance, impact or scope to see if they deserve to be kept.

One of the most useful things we could do in HR is give-up or scrap things that don't serve us anymore. Each organization has leftover processes or habits that at best are harmless and at worse they become blockers or create waste, conflict or disengagement. Just like Marie Kondo recommends, give up the things that don't spark joy

This service is a participative audit of the desired HR functions in terms of impact, relevance and efficiency. This could be done through the HR department or it could include the whole organization. Each process is audited using assessment tools. 

After the audit is done the management and/or the HR department will decide what and how to terminate with consultancy and advice available. 

HR-pitch - creating a communication message and campaign for new HR processes or re-launching existing ones

HR really loves as sees the meaning and usefulness of the things they implement, however, mostly due to lack of know how the organization might oppose or ignore HR processes. It is quite a challenge to sell internally new initiatives or to bring new life into existing ones. Due to my 15 years of experience in selling HR related projects to companies I can assist the HR departments to craft their message in such a way that they create engagement in the HR processes not just compliance with them