simplifying leadership 

for your leader role    for yourself    for your team 


the HR function      work engagement 


simpleadfy your leader role


simplifying leadership from C-level to future and first time leaders and informal leaders:

knowing what it is 

knowing how it works

knowing what and how to do it

knowing why you would do it

in plain language

being a leader should not be so complicated,

... and it isn't with the right learning experience

when you lead:

you influence what people do 


you create the kind of relationship where people

allow and invite that influence

it's that simple

see the full list of skills and the extra features of the simpleadfy your leader role program

simpleadfy yourself

self-leadership is a skill with many sub-skills.


when you lead yourself it means that you 

know yourself and you

are able to collaborate with yourself and your context

in a way that nurtures and grows you 

learning to lead yourself can be done in a team workshop setting or in a personal coaching setting


here are some topics:


simpleadfying your team is a group learning experience that works on two directions

- develop collaboration related competencies for each team member

- allowing the team members to know each-other, develop relationships between each-other, develop trust between themselves, and practice collaboration 

or you could choose specific competencies for them to develop together as a team 

developing collaboration skills in the team where collaboration is needed

practicing feedback skills and addressing the feedback culture in the team setting 

identifying each team member's role based on strengths, values and interest during the workshop and making that role known 

based on the development needs of the team the whole team participates in a skill building workshop and finds support in their personal learning journey


simpleadfying HR can take many forms depending on your needs and availability:

HR 2.0. - updating your HR skills to the latest research through 101s or group programs for the entire HR team 

HR for non-HR - bringing HR skills to operations through workshops, a full learning experience or consulting 

HR - MVP - designing and planning the implementation of new HR functions or processes 

HR update - updating the existing processes or functions 

HR critic - assessing current HR processes or functions regarding relevance, impact or scope

HR-pitch - creating a communication message and campaign for new HR processes or re-launching existing ones

... find details here


Work Engagement or Employee engagement is something companies want to understand, evaluate, create, increase, or fix. 

Ever since Gallup released the study that said that only 13% of employees are engaged in their work, companies found the value in addressing this. 

With day to day workload HR departments could not feel equipped to design and implement an efficient program of Employee Engagement as it takes a long time to:

- research and understand what engagement is 

- research and decide what is the best tool to assess engagement (there are a lot of tools that assess something else although they sell themselves as engagement tools)

- design and run an engagement diagnosys

- train management in engagement related skills

- implement engagement projects that actually increase engagement 

- ensure strategies or processes to tackle burnout 


For all these a shorter and more efficient way is to access consulting and/or learning about all the above topics. 

I spent 4 years researching Employee Engagement (beyond the buzz articles) with the most relevant, valid and accurate research knowledge. I made all those thousands of pages of discoveries accessible in a simplified format